Efficient code reuse

npm packages make up 97% of a typical modern application, representing a massive increase in the efficiency and capabilities of developers.

The continual development, reuse, and repurposing of Open Source code serves to increase the value of the npm registry to developers.

You can benefit from effective code reuse. Learn how to take advantage of the modern approach to sharing code.


Find what you need to build what you want

npm allows you to quickly discover useful modules so you can focus on the most critical parts of your application rather than building everything from scratch.

Use npm to avoid duplicating work and wasting time on problems that have already been solved by the Open Source community.

Publish and update with one tool

The `npm publish` command lets developers publish code to the npm registry, allowing others to use it in their own projects.

Software creators can `npm install` updates as needed, programmatically selecting the most important changes and keeping track of any code that needs to be updated.

Benefit from modularity

Why publish an over-engineered framework that’s hard to integrate when a handful of modular tools will get the job done more efficiently?

Modern web frameworks like React and Vue take advantage of the npm ecosystem by allowing users to fine-tune solutions to their particular use case.

Easily enforce simple module boundaries

Starting with Node.js, and growing into the front-end, npm has helped usher in a consistent and simple pattern for modular software.

A single config file allows developers to import and export functionality between packages, connecting them without undue effort.

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